About Us

Bison Electrical

Bison specializes in providing temporary power and electrical equipment rentals for the event industry, building shutdowns and other commercial applications.

Bison Electrical is a family owned and operated business established in Calgary in 1986. Our staff include multiple master, journeymen and apprentice electricians with extensive experience in a variety of event, industrial, commercial and residential applications.


We own a vast inventory of gas and diesel generators ranging in size from 2 kilowatts to 250 kilowatts (capable of paralleling up to 1 megawatt), many of which will automatically synchronize and parallel to provide full redundancy when required. In addition, we have an abundance of cable, cable mats, fencing, light towers and distribution panels in stock at all times and our inventory is constantly growing. Owning our own equipment, including generators and light towers, ensures that everything is meticulously maintained. Equipment servicing is done by our own trained staff, leaving the customer with the best quality equipment and employees that know how to operate it


We pride ourselves on always providing outstanding quality and service to our clients.


At Bison, we have successfully developed, implemented, and maintain a health and safety program that meets and exceeds provincial standards. We’ve also been awarded the Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (Small Employer COR/SECOR).


Safety is our highest priority. We own all our own fencing, cable mats, fire extinguishers and spill kits to ensure the safety of the public and employees around generators and electrical equipment.